Just For the Health of It

21 Day Challenge - Starting January 10th!

If you're ready to: 
- transform your body, health and happiness
- eliminate brain fog
- reduce inflammation
- never "diet" again
- reduce risk for disease
- balance your weight while eating real, whole foods
- regulate insulin levels
- have more energy + feel awesome
- get off the weight loss roller coaster
- experience better sleep
- have a general feeling of joy and improved mindset
- and finally have the body and energy you want...

Then this program is for you! We will work together to get you where you need to be! 

My team and I have been putting together this challenge to help each other be accountable to ourselves for our health and wellness. This is not about weight loss, although some of us may have that goal in mind. This is about reducing inflammation, feeling better, living above the wellness line, being proactive instead of reactive, and learning how to listen more to our bodies and discovering the healing power within our own design. 

We had others ask us about what we are doing, so we've decided to open up the program to our customers who could use the extra support, accountability, and community.

- Daily meal plans: You will receive plenty of recipes to choose from and we will lay out the daily routines for the full 21 days. We promote eating anti-inflammatory foods, so the focus of our recipes will be on that. Whether you are vegetarian/vegan, paleo, Whole30, gluten-free, intermittent fasting, etc. there will be recipes in our Recipe Bank that will fit. 

Don't like to cook or meal plan? No worries! There are many simple and easy options to choose from and we will show you where to find your own as well.

- Daily accountability via Facebook Live in our private group. We will be going live daily to walk through what to do each day. We will talk about everything from hydration and good food to mindset and parasites, as well as our struggles, wins, and Q&A time. This will be a safe place to share and get support.

- Random prizes: we will be giving out random prizes throughout the challenge. These are not tied to your personal health goals. Just show up and commit to becoming your best self!

- Grocery Shopping Guide: so many people are overwhelmed when it comes to buying groceries, reading labels and knowing what to buy. 

- Going Out Guide: you can still go out to eat! You just need to know how and what to order, and which easy substitutions you can make. Have your steak and eat it too!

The program is free. All  you need to be able to do this program successfully are: 
REAL food, the NingXia Red wolfberry juice supplement, and commitment to yourself.

Register here so I can get you into our Facebook group (web group coming soon). We will start September 20th, but if your bundle arrives after we start, just start your Day 1 when it arrives.

Grab your NingXia Red bundle. This is enough for one person for the entire 21 Day Challenge (double it if doing this with a partner in your household).

I highly recommend selecting the free Loyalty Rewards option for ordering your NingXia Red because it saves you the most per ounce and you get reward points back in your account for future purchases. You'll want this so you save the most as you continue your new healthy lifestyle, but you can cancel it right from your account anytime if needed.

If you're not a water drinker, I also recommend the optional Vitality Drops. These drops help give your water flavor and electrolytes to ensure you're properly hydrated, which is essential for a successful Jumpstart.

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