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Navigating the Balance of Sleep and Stress (and maybe a little silliness)

Ah, the eternal struggle of trying to balance sleep and stress – it's like juggling cats while riding a unicycle through a hurricane! 🐱🌀

Picture this: you're in bed, eyes wide open like a startled owl, mind racing at the speed of light, contemplating the meaning of life, the universe, and whether you left the stove on. Meanwhile, stress is tap-dancing on your last nerve like it's auditioning for Broadway. 🌟💃

You try all the tricks: counting sheep (which end up forming a conga line), drinking chamomile tea (that apparently has the caffeine content of a double espresso), using calming essential oils (that seem to have the opposite effect so you want to run a marathon instead of snooze), and even attempting yoga (more like contorting into a pretzel and getting stuck). 

And let's not forget the morning after – you stumble out of bed looking like a zombie extra from 'The Walking Dead,' with under-eye bags big enough to pack for a weekend getaway. ☕😴 But fear not, fellow sleep-deprived stress ball! Remember, you're not alone in this chaotic tango of sleeplessness and stress. 

So this month, let's raise our pillows as swords and march bravely into dreamland! Join us for this month's free virtual class "Manage Stress, Get Better Sleep" and learn how to conquer stress and sleepless nights for good! 🌙

Stay strong, stay silly, and may your dreams be as sweet as a marshmallow dipped in chocolate sauce! 🍫

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Watch our Facebook group for drops of information on Freedom Essential Oil Blend throughout the month.

Pro Tips for Deep Sleep

One of the most common concerns I hear from my customers is that they're using oils for sleep, but still waking up after about 3 hours and then can't get back to sleep, without obvious sleep disturbances (such as bladder issues, etc.). What I usually find is that they're only applying oils topically, or they're running their diffusers in such a way that they only run for a few hours.

Oils absorbed through topical application will typically metabolize and be out of your system within 3 hours, so if you're only using sleep supporting oils topically, you may find that you're waking after just a few hours.

Depending on your diffuser, it may have a "low" or "intermittent" setting that allows it to put out less mist at one time so it runs longer. Check your diffuser's manual to ensure you are setting it up to run for the length of time you will be in bed. This will keep the oils flowing so you're more likely to stay asleep.

My advice: make sure you're diffusing AND applying topically. The topical application can help you relax quickly so you can GET to sleep, while the diffusing will last through the night so it can help you STAY asleep.

Of course, explore any other reasons you may be waking, like bladder issues, pain, worrying, bad dreams, snoring partner, or other sleep disturbances. Chances are, there's an oil to support that too!

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