September Gifts With Purchase
Get these amazing gifts with your September order!
100PV: 10 Loyalty Reward Points* ($13.16 retail value)
190PV: Thieves 15ml*, 
R.C. 15ml, plus the 100PV gift ($117.44 retail value)
250PV: Breathe Again 15ml, KidScents SnifflEase 5ml plus the 100PV & 190PV gifts ($173.68 retail value)
300PV: Inner Defense plus the 100PV, 190PV, & 250PV gifts ($214.14 retail value)
*denotes gifts that only apply to orders processed on Loyalty Rewards.

Reduced Pricing on Select Diffusers 
Grab a couple of our favorite diffusers for a permanently reduced price. While Supplies Last

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