October Product Spotlight: Immugummies

Our October 2023 Product Spotlight item is Immugummies!


Packed with power, flavor, and convenience, our Immugummies supplement naturally supports optimal immune function, upper respiratory tract health, and immune health. These powerful benefits come from Euglena gracilis algae, which are high in 1,3 beta-glucans. Unlike traditional gummy supplements, our Immugummies supplement is vegan, with no added sugar, and is safe for the whole family ages 4 and up!*


  • Supports immune health and encourages optimal immune function*
  • Maintains key immune cells and cell activity*
  • Supports upper respiratory tract health*
  • Provides antioxidant support*
  • Contains paramylon (linear chain of 1,3 beta-glucans), which may protect against oxidative stress*
  • Supports gut barrier integrity and function*
  • Contains no added sugar
  • Safe for little ones ages 4 and up


  • Adults and children ages 4 and up, take 2 gummies daily.
  • Enjoy anytime, with or without food.


1,3 beta-glucans from Euglena gracilis algae: Beta-glucans support immune health, immune function, and upper respiratory tract health.* They’re sourced through a sustainable indoor fermentation process to reduce waste and prevent harm to marine ecosystems.
Elderberry fruit juice concentrate: This ingredient contains antioxidants that combat free radicals and support the immune system.*
Elderflower natural flavor: Flowers from the elder tree have been used for centuries to support a healthy respiratory system.*
Lime essential oil: This zesty oil is a good source of d-limonene, a terpene that has antioxidant properties.*

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