Do you feel like this man most days? How about some days? Ever? 

We all have difficulty dealing with the things life puts in our path but all of life's struggles have the potential to be beneficial. 

When we struggle in life, we have two choices. Give up or Grow! The outcome depends on how we choose to deal with it. If we give up, then we miss out on the blessings on the other side of it. When we decide to keep going and push forward no matter the struggle, we end up stronger, wiser, and able to encourage others dealing with their own struggles. We grow as people when we persevere.
God calls us to be a light and what better way to do that, than to shine no matter what is happening in our lives. 

Easier said then done. Believe me, I have had my share of struggles and I'm sure there will be more as my life progresses but I have learned how to deal with them.  It's not always easy but you can CHANGE THE NARRATIVE and find ways that work for you to help you deal with life's crazy!!  I'm here to help.

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